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New FasTest Refrigeration Brochure Details HVAC Processing and Pressure Testing Tools


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FastTest Refrigeration Brochure

Minneapolis, MN—October 18, 2012—FasTest Inc. announces the release of its new Refrigeration Brochure, highlighting its patented technology and unique products designed to simplify air conditioning, heat pump, ice machine and cooler manufacturing. This 36-page guide provides detailed product information, illustrations and specifications for the company’s pressure testing and processing tools.

To facilitate easy navigation and simple product selection, the brochure is organized by product family, identifying key features and benefits, part numbers, dimension information, seal replacements and field repair kits for individual product lines, including CoreMax, RQD Series, FasMate and TwistMate.

FasTest’s Refrigeration Brochure provides a comprehensive selection guide for HVAC testing and processing tools, with additional features including:

  • Color coding for easy identification of internal and external tubing and thread profiles
  • Dual dimensioning to provide at-a-glance measurement conversion from inches to millimeters
  • Replacement seals and repair kits for simplified in-the-field maintenance

For improved system manufacturing, FasTest’s CoreMax high flow refrigerant valve and related tools reduce evacuation times, increase product quality and enhance throughput while decreasing maintenance costs. Further, by eliminating process tubes and Schrader valves, the CoreMax System provides fewer leak paths and streamlines system processing.

The brochure also includes a broad selection of connectors for pressure and vacuum testing, providing instant connections to internal or external tubes and thread profiles. The RQD Series offers leak-tight, high-pressure connections to process tips for charging and evacuating appliances, and the modular FasMate “FN” Series delivers direct, 5000-psi connections to internal threads via lever, thumb valve or pneumatic actuation for testing applications.

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FasTest is an innovator of productivity and high quality improvement connection tools for pressure, flow and vacuum testing applications. FasTest’s complete line of specialty connectors are designed to provide leak-tight, reliable connections for calibration, medical devices and other industrial manufacturing applications. Custom leak test capabilities are available for unusual or unique requirements.

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